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“Rightsizing” the Right Way

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“Rightsizing” the Right Way, by Carlton Becker, offers an organizational development view of the downsizing process and offers advice on alternatives to downsizing, developing right-sizing strategy, communicating with employees, and anticipating potential legal issues. The article originally appeared in HR Horizons and was updated for the Summer 2001 edition of Sightlines.

Interviewing Basics: There’s More to Interviewing Than Asking Questions

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Carlton Becker, Prinicpal at BowmanBecker Consultancy, LLC, wrote this article in response to client requests about boosting their success rate associated with candidate selection. This article shows the issues associated with various interviewing approaches and how to gain more useable information from the interview process with interviewing tips. Mr. Becker stresses the behavioral interview approach and determining upfront what information is to be gleaned from the interviewee. The article discusses the use of group interviews, abstract interview questions and ways to evaluate candidate responses.