Diversity & Inclusion

Develop and leverage the power of ALL your people with Diversity and Inclusion Training

How does your organization view work pace Diversity and Inclusion?

  • Important altruistic goals that have no real business impact?


  • Essential for maximizing every employee’s contribution to business goals?

Diversity and Inclusion TrainingA diverse workforce operating in an inclusive environment is a potent competitive force.

The broad notion of diversity extends beyond ethnicity, gender, age, and sexual expression to include other personality, social, organizational, demographic, and global factors that influence a person’s ability to contribute.

A diverse workforce…

  • Reflects the diversity of your markets and locations and is better able to understand and meet the needs of diverse customers and other stakeholders.
  • Enhances your company’s reputation and image among customers, potential employees, shareholders, regulatory agencies, and the public at large.
  • Gives the organization a broader range of capabilities to meet business challenges.
  • Enables the organization to draw on diverse perspectives, experience, and skills in solving problems and generating ideas.
  • Reflects customers’ expectations and ensures compliance with EEO/AA requirements.

An inclusive work environment treats individuals with dignity and respect, values differences and similarities, and extends to all employees the opportunity to fully participate and be rewarded for their contributions to business success.

Inclusion leads to…

  • High morale and greater employee engagement and loyalty, as more employees feel respected and included in decisions, and experience opportunities for professional growth.
  • More effective teams, as leaders learn to leverage differences and similarities to achieve business objectives, to reduce conflict, and to teach and model inclusive behaviors.
  • Retention of key talent.
  • Higher productivity as managers learn to engage and motivate all employees, including providing appropriate feedback and support for performance improvement.
  • Increased innovation and creativity, as the organization learns to embrace differences, collaborate, and invite more ideas to the table.
  • A deeper talent pool as all employees receive the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities.
  • Multicultural competence—ability to successfully lead multicultural teams and work in other cultural settings.

Whether your organization needs to solve a specific problem, is taking the first major steps towards workplace diversity & inclusion, or wants to reinvigorate an existing initiative……BowmanBecker knows how to help!

Our approach includes but goes well beyond raising awareness and understanding about diversity. We work with your organization to also:

  • Build commitment to diversity and inclusion, especially with top management.
  • Articulate a vision of diversity and inclusion that is aligned with the business strategy and organizational culture.
  • Identify gaps between the vision and the current state and develop a strategic plan for closing the gaps.
  • Include stakeholder groups in problem identification, solution development, and decision-making.
  • Assign organizational and individual accountability for attainment of objectives.
  • Design an effective diversity/inclusion initiative.
  • Identify and remove barriers to diversity and inclusion in the infrastructure (organizational processes and practices).
  • Build leaders’ capabilities for managing diversity.
  • Educate employees in order to inculcate inclusive values, thinking, behaviors, and practices.
  • Measure results relative to actual business goals and retune actions, if necessary.

BowmanBecker also provides critical support to diversity initiatives.

  • Education and training
  • Creation of networks and affinity groups
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Communications strategies to support employee education/awareness and assist in branding the organization
  • Assessment of leadership qualities that foster diversity/inclusion
  • Best practices research
  • EEO/AA plans

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