Small Business / Non-Profit

We provide HR Nonprofit Solutions for small business, non-profits, municipal agencies, and educational services.

4-PAR (For Plans, Actions and Results) is the consulting division of BowmanBecker Consultancy, LLC that focuses on the human resource management needs of small business, nonprofit organizations, municipal agencies, and educational services. Originally founded to serve large corporations in the areas of Talent Management, Organization Development, and Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, we continue our growth and influence in the core competencies, and are constantly reminded of the HR planning and operational needs of smaller enterprises and nonprofit organizations.

BowmanBecker understands that structural issues, operational dynamics, and budgets in smaller organizations are different than those found in much larger corporate entities. Yet, many of the issues being faced are simply a matter of scale – whether they are people interactions, team building, or meeting government compliance.

We know as well as you do that the need for professional human resources services is real. We also know that most simply can’t afford to hire and staff the type of well-qualified human resources team required to help lead the organization’s people strategy.

That’s where 4-PAR comes in.

For those organizations looking to grow and value the contributions of their people, strategic partnering is a cost effective and viable approach to provide professional human resource management services that focus on the unique characteristics of your business, your mission, your strategic direction, and your culture.

Our team is made up of highly skilled and experienced consultants who have first-hand knowledge of how to integrate the functions and activities of Human Resource Management with your organizational needs. Now, we are ready to help you.

4-PAR is not a hotline service. Nor is it a call center. 4-PAR is a customized human resources service that’s so integrated into your environment that you’ll think we’re sitting in the office next door! And, if that’s what you need, we will be sitting there.

How to design an HR service that’s right for you

We know that every enterprise is not the same nor are the needs being faced. That’s why we offer several ways to customize our partnership with you.

Base Support

This approach establishes a partnership between 4-PAR and your executive team. It’s our goal to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to employee issues, critical company policies, or an HR compliance/reporting issue.

  • We’re on board to support you in handling issues on employee relations, federal and state compliance and general questions around management style.
  • We can share best practices and customize ideas to support hiring, terminations, and employee retention programs.
  • We’ll assist you in translating your mission and strategy into a strategic human resource plan.
  • We’re there to discuss your organization’s culture and its impact on your workforce.
  • We’ll help you develop policies that make sense for your business and your employees.
  • Most of all, we’re there to be mentors to you and your staff; to help you grow and to make sure you aren’t losing sight of the business. You can be assured that you will never receive “canned” responses from us. We want to become your trusted advisor and be fully integrated into your culture and environment.

Tier II Support

This approach includes all of the services included in our Base Support plan, plus…

  • We will work directly with your employees to provide counsel and help resolve their concerns.
  • We’ll help to develop an in-house HR function to address administrative issues, payroll services, and benefit concerns.
  • We’ll work with your managers and employees in identifying individualized development needs.
  • We’ll help you design employee involvement programs to enhance the productivity of the organization.
  • In short, we’re on the scene to address issues so that your employees can be successful and engaged.

Tier III Support

With this approach, we become your HR department. This includes all of the services of our Base Support and Tier II support, plus we manage any and all HR processes necessary to run your business successfully and professionally. This is an ideal approach for small organizations looking to add an HR department without the investment of a full time hire. It’s also a great way to upgrade your existing HR function in a professional and rapid manner.

Program Services

One of our tiered support services doesn’t appear to be what you have in mind? Then we’re set to work with you on a project basis. Here are just a few of the areas we’re ready to assist you as the need arises:

Our partner affiliations

In order to provide you with the best subject matter expertise, we’ve partnered with a select group of providers so that you don’t have to spend time searching for qualified vendors who may or may not know your business. We’re familiar with this select group of providers and we recommend their services when appropriate.

  • Payroll services
  • 401(k) administration
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Pre-paid legal plans for employees
  • Employee identity theft protection for employees
  • Legal services associated with human resources management (unemployment, workers compensation, COBRA, etc.)
  • Management Training